Speed display signs

Speed reduction & Traffic Calming

In 2013 the Canadian Press reported the following : there were twice as many vehicles on the road than in 1973, however there are 4 ½ less fatal accidents; several reasons came to light to explain this statistic : the combined effects of better performing vehicles with the extensive use of Road safety campaigns have resulted in fewer accidents and with less severity, and the trend does not seem to slow down. One of the best tools that is available to the authorities is to use a safety campaign targeted to the proper audience, motorists speeding that need to slow down in critical areas, and also to provide a à better behaviour on the roadway. Strategic areas targeted for the use of driver feedback signs are school zones, entering a city, parks, play grounds and downtown areas.

The speed display signs from Trafic-Innovation meet very specific areas of concern for city authorities. The following is a list of tools that we have available for the target applications.

  • Radar speed display sign on existing post for school zones with solar panels

  • Speed Trailer with an anti-vandalism system for an autonomy of 4 weeks using deep cycle batteries; can be moved rapidly from one street or site to the other within an organised speeding campaign Police cars or Public works. Our mobile speed display system is very useful when space is limited.

  • Amber coloured LED message sign or with current traffic control manual colours ( red green and amber) for educational purposes that provides interactive information to oncoming motorists, all programmable.

  • Radar speed display signs for the downtown areas and as you enter a city mounted permanently on the concrete median or strategically placed; this radar speed sign is solar powered.

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